Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thomas Jefferson

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  1. Very interesting Levi. hey I just wrote this piece dealing with the presidency. Angel of Light, Angel of White, who has given you permission to lie?
    By whose authority do you justify breaking God’s 9th commandment?
    “Socialist!” and he is not
    “anti American!” but he is not
    “Angry black man!” but I have never seen a more calm and respectful
    President, before the false witnesses.

    The Bishop of Moroni seeks the highest office in the land
    And at his side is Paul the apostle, but of Ayn Rand.
    And together they promise to Right all that is wrong,
    and rid this land of what’s Left .
    Restore what was lost, while making a nice profit for the boys.
    But not the girls, they are part of the problem. No contraception,
    no abortions, and they will learn to keep their place.

    The human Etch a sketch, says and does whatever it takes,
    and those that will vote for him, know it.
    They do not love him, they do not trust him, but they will vote for him still.
    Because their fathers, the Churchmen and the politicians,
    say that ANYONE is better than this President.
    So “give us Barabbas!” and “let his blood be upon us and upon our
    And then the Elect will become accomplices,
    when they look to win by any means necessary…

    The bride is the harlot, when she takes up with the liar and the thief.
    “Go quickly and do what you must.” But dear friend know this,
    “Thou shall not bear false witness” is not a suggestion…

    I mean no disrespect to my brethren in Jesus, the one and only Messiah. I write this as a warning to those that would conflate the worship of God with a Political party.